Company Profile

Company Profile

Greetings from our president

Asahi Bussan Co., Ltd. Yoshihisa ONISHI, President

The sky's the limit.

"Asahi Bussan" delivers trust and security to the society as a trading company with a will.

The company was founded as a vending machine operator closely tied to people in this area in 1988.Now, in addition to the vending machine business, we are developing nationwide by channel to mass retailers, retail stores, internet mail order companies throughout Japan through our main business of food wholesale, and are also extending our business development for the whole world from the Asian region of Taiwan or South Korea.
As a vending machine business, we introduce social contribution type vending machines (Donation type, Orange Ribbon support type, Disaster free-taking type) or youth support type vending machines, we support youth club activity sponsors or people who works hard all the time.
Our future business development stands on "Challenge from food wholesale trading company to be a general trading company with manufacturer function!"

To pursue people’s happiness through not only Japan but also abroad, we set our mission to deliver "better and safe product, according to the needs, in a timely manner, at a valuable price", and we are striving hard to be a global general trading company.

We challenge infinite possibilities under simple words of “The sky's the limit!”

Company Profile

Company Name Asahi Bussan Co., Ltd.
President Yoshihisa ONISHI
Office Location Head Office

Head Office
134-3 Kishi, Nishikanki-Cho, Kakogawa-City, Hyogo, 675-0045 Japan
TEL. 079-431-9669  FAX. 079-431-9667

【Taiwan Liaison Office】 New Taipei
【Korea Liaison Office】 Seoul
Founded on 10 March 1988
Company established on 21 August 1996
Paid-up Capital JPY28,000,000
Business Contents Drinks & foods wholesale business, Internet mail order business, Vending machine business
customer Asahi Soft Drinks Co.,Ltd, Coca-cola West Japan Co.,Ltd, Kirin Beverage Co.,Ltd, LB Co.,Ltd, Rakuten Direct Inc., Rakuten Inc., Amazon, Yahoo, Aeon Reteil Co.,Ltd, etc
Number of employees 38 (Male 30, Female 8)(March 2018)
Annual sales amount JPY2,899,948,000 (March 2018)
Business Results
Annual account close Annual sales amount Ordinary income (×JPY1,000)
March 2014 1,690,592   9,078
March 2015 2,089,297   6,547
March 2016 2,358,867 41,686
March 2017 2,502,734   5,828
March 2018 2,899,948 24,715
Affiliated company SAKURAHOZANDO Co., Ltd.
Tokusyo Bussan Co., Ltd.

Organization Guide

In 2017, we aimed to adapt to changes in the market environment to become a listed company in the future and reorganized into a strategic organizational structure.
We will cultivate the market and create a business flow with the frontier spirit, and will “challenge infinite possibilities" every day to improve our corporate value to be a listed company.

Sales Group
Wholesale Div.
■ Domestic Sales Dept.1
■ Domestic Sales Dept.2
 • Product Development Dept.
■ Rice Milling Factory
■ Overseas Sales Dept.
BtoB field
Retail Div.
Ecommerce Sales Dept.
Vending Machine Sec.
Advertisement Design sec.
Public Wholesale Market
Market Development Sec.
Food Business Planning Sec.
BtoC field
Support Group
Business Support Dept.
Sales Planning Sec.
Logistics Support Sec.
Corporate Planning Dept.
Corporate Planning Sec.
Personnel and general affairs Sec.
Finance Sec.
IT System Sec.

Company Policy

  • 1. Be Honest and fair
  • 1. Be selfless and provide benefit for all three sides
  • 1. Be a man shining a good deed

Management Philosophy

  • 1. Pursue stable life of all employees, satisfaction of the mind, and aim for happiness of both mind and spirit
  • 1. Growth of each employee learned from the teachings of the predecessor is the growth of the company, and the growth of the company will contribute to society

Behavioral Guidelines

  • Be a person who never lie to myself and to others
  • Be a person who thinks positively
  • Be a person who accepts the present situation
  • Be a person who always keeps honest heart
  • Be a person who never complain
  • Be a person who has goal & objective
  • Be a person who never spend time in appreciation and apology
  • Be a person who has self-respect


1988 President Y. Onishi founded “West-Japan Asahi Vendor”
in Kakogawa and started its vending machine business operation
1993 Started “vending machine” maintenance business
1995 Started “vending machine” installation business
1996 Established a vending machine general trading company based on vending machine management team, installation team, maintenance team,
with capital of JPY 10 million, and started wholesale business with trade name of Asahi Bussan Co., Ltd.
2002 Increased capital to JPY 28 million
2005 Started Private Brand products development business
2008 Opened online shop at own site
2011 Started handling Donation Type Vending Machine
2012 Released the first Intellectual Asset Management Report
Opened O-kiniya store at Rakuten
Opened O-kiniya store at Qoo10
Started publishing at Groupon
Started publishing at Rakuten Coupon
Started publishing at Kumapon
Opened O-kiniya store at Amazon
2014 Started full-scale export to overseas countries and areas
Registered “Hyogo corporate declaration promoting harmony between work and life”
2015 Started publishing at Luxa
Opened a store in the Kakogawa public wholesale market
Opened Tokyo Office
Completed new Head Office
Opened Taipei Office (at New Taipei City)
2016 Released the second Intellectual Asset Management Report
Moved to new office for business expansion

Environmental policy

Asahi Bussan Co., Ltd. recognizes that global environmental conservation and pollution prevention are management issues at the responsibility of a social position through corporate activities, and formulates to implements this environmental policy.

  1. We understand the impact of corporate activities on the environment and set specific environmental objectives and environmental targets specifically to reduce environmental burden, regularly verify and continually improve.
  2. We are committed to purchasing eco-friendly products and strive to prevent pollution.
  3. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and other requirements.
  4. We put priority on environmental protection activities, as well as resource saving and energy conservation activities.
  5. We build an environmental management system involving all employees, implement internal education, and aim to improve thorough knowledge and environmental awareness.
  6. We disclose this environmental policy to the public, generally.