Introduction of Asahi Bussan

We challenge to be a general trader to cover from ordinary food wholesale business to planning, manufacturing and sales as One Stop Service Provider.

Wholesale Div.

This Div. consists of Domestic Sales Dept. and Overseas Sales Dept. to take care of corporate customers.
In order to propose more attractive products to our customers, we are moving around Japan and even overseas.

  • Domestic Sales Dept.

    Domestic Sales Dept.

    We provide reliable and trustable merchandise by various manufacturers at worthwhile prices.

  • Overseas Sales Dept.

    Overseas Sales Dept.

    We are promoting Japanese food culture mainly in the Asian region. We provide valuable products to overseas customers as well.

  • Dessert Production Department

    Dessert production Okayama factory.

    We produce Japanese and Western style confectionery in Okayama factory, providing impressive and delicious products to customers.

  • Label and Vanning Sec.

    Label and Vanning Sec.

    We provide services such as sticking food component labeling stickers on products when exporting overseas.

Product Development Dept.

We anticipate customer needs, plan to develop, and launch right products to the market timely.

Retail Div.

This Div. consists of Ecommerce Sales Dept., Vending Machine Sec., and Advertisement Design sec. to take care of private customers.
We are handling wide range of markets from global market to actual stores closely tied to local communities.

  • Ecommerce Sales Dept.

    Ecommerce Sales Dept.

    We mainly sell drinks but foods and children's products as well at the store named "O-kiniya".

  • Vending Machine Service Sec.

    Vending Machine Sec.

    We will provide a one-stop service from sales to installation and management with the motto “Making the best-selling vending machines”.

  • Advertisement Design sec.

    Advertisement Design sec.

    We assist our customers to gather up end users more through high quality wrapping & signboard products.

Sales Planning Dept.

This Dept. consists of Sales Planning Sec., Logistics Sec., and Market Development Sec., and take care of logistics or supports for Sales Depts.

  • Sales Planning Sec.

    Sales Planning Sec.

    We are supporting our Sales Depts.

  • Logistics Sec.

    Logistics Sec.

    We take care of general logistics operations as a part of the supply chain, as well as vending machine installations.