Rice Milling Factory

Rice Milling Factory

Delicious rice
That is a good rice that we want.
We polish rice from selected places throughout Japan and deliver.

We select rice carefully by our professional three-star rice meister (rice / taste appraiser).
We deliver delicious rice just been polished to the kitchen tables with our motto of security and safety.

Main customers / Main suppliers


Stock listing supermarkets, Local supermarkets
Restaurants, Major chain stores
Liquor shops
Ordinary stores
Internet shops


Japan Agricultural Information Co., Ltd.
All over the country JA
Wholesalers of production areas

■Annual handled volume

About 300 tons of brown rice (in 2019)

Annual handled volume

Introduction of gift & event rice

Introduction of gift & event rice

Do you know "Gift & Event Rice" which are extremely popular for events and gifts?
Since you can print your favorite illustration or photo on rice bag, we are very pleased that you can make rice with your original design, nothing else.
We use "KOSHIHIKARI, produced in Niigata" with the highest "Special A" rating in rice flavor rankings.